About ….


Chateau Marcus  is a pop-up gallery currently within the large nave of x-church in Gainsborough. It measures 6×8 feet on the inside and is effectively a former garden shed. How come that it is called ‘Chateau Marcus’? Before being annexed as a locus for art, it was a simple lockup used by Marcus Hammond, the artistic director of x-church. Paul, one of the volunteers of the project lovingly painted a sign with ‘Chateau Marcus’ for it. Great tongue in cheek name!

As artist and guest-resident at x-church I couldn’t help but see in this modest and temporary building a simple and effective opening to let more art loose in Gainsborough.  To me Chateau Marcus is primarily an opportunity for artists to present their works and ideas in whatever way they want to. My role hereby is more of an instigator and facilitator alongside others who make these pop up shows happen.

The first exhibition will be by Joana Cifre Cerda, a hugely engaging performance artist based in Lincolnshire. Very soon more about this.